Automate collections, payouts & accounting
Embedded Payments

Collect, track & manage payments with easy reconciliation from within proprietary SaaS software.

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Our Features

Seamless integration of payment gateway with accounting software, and ability to send payout links.


Ease of business onboarding & faster checkouts for end customers.


Safer to receive money and minimize frauds.


Centralized & embedded payments management.

Embedded Finance

PG Connector

Rapidly onboard businesses with PG/PA with minimum friction using verified GST or MCA data, KYC & KYB and documentation hub.

modes of payments

Modes of Payments

Payout links, either standalone or via e-invoicing allowing multiple payment options (UPI, Credit & Debit Cards, NEFT, etc.)


Embedded with SaaS

Streamlining payables and receivables with automated accounting, from within the proprietary SaaS software.

Payments Dashboard

Payments Dashboard

Centralized dashboard to give a detailed analysis of payment transactions success/failure and other key metrics.