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We build seamless journeys for partner banks to simplify their account opening process.

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Our Features

Banking solutions and embedded finance using transactional data and recourse from anchors.

Delight Customer

Delight Customers

Instant bank account opening with real-time KYB checks and instant provisioning of bank account numbers.

Delight Co-Worker

Delight Co-Workers

Automate mundane form collection and form-filling tasks & double the efficiency of your field force.

Improve Conversion

Improve Conversion

Use our APIs and digital journeys to remove multiple hops between independent platforms.

Reduce Costs

Reduce Costs

Through our marketing, higher conversion and real-time verification of user information with Government data.

Fight Fraud

Fight Fraud

With seamless integration for Contact Point Verification and Video KYC.


Insights & Feedback

Market share, NPS, success rate and turnaround times to improve the process continuously.

Embedded Finance

CA Connector

Rapidly onboard businesses with minimum friction using verified GST or MCA data in a few steps.

Connected Banking

All key functionalities like NEFT/IMPS payouts, fetching bank statements and transaction recon from within SaaS software.

Zero Balance Account

Current accounts with Zero Balance requirement, with Instant processing and multiple features from top partner banks.

Digital Onboarding

Fully unified solution or standalone API-based micro-services, with integrated KYB, KYC and CPV as well as a shared documentation hub.