About Us

Co-creating FinTech solutions.

About EQL

Blending FinTech with RegTech to provide a one-stop shop of financial solutions for startups and young businesses.

vision Vision

To build an ecosystem of Partners, Data and Technology to simplify business setup, compliance, accounting and finances for start ups and young businesses.

mission Mission

Our mission at EQL is to work with partners in building the right solutions to help MSMEs navigate the complexities around banking, collections, payments and working capital. We aim to make money movements seamless and friction-free, so that MSMEs can focus on their core business.

Our Founder
Lionel Charles

EQL Financial Technologies Pvt Ltd is India's leading platform, designed to assist entrepreneurs in launching and managing their businesses efficiently. EQL oversees the operations of notable entities like Indiafilings.com and Ledgers Cloud.

The visionary behind EQL Financial Technologies is Lionel Charles, an accomplished leader with a robust academic background. With a Bachelor's Degree in Accounting and Computer Science, an MBA in Airline Management from the prestigious Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in the USA, and certifications as a FAA Commercial Pilot and a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Lionel brings a unique blend of expertise to the company.

Lionel's journey from academic achievement to entrepreneurship is marked by his dedication to simplifying business processes. He has a strong track record of working with medium-sized businesses to secure vital financing and is the driving force behind EQL's remarkable growth, which has served over 100,000 paid customers across seven offices without external funding. Lionel's passion is to make business easier for entrepreneurs, and EQL is dedicated to achieving this through innovative solutions.

Backed By

Our investors are more than just financial backers. They are collaborators who share our vision for a better, more accessible financial future for budding entrepreneurs.

Our Partners

Partnering with leading financial institutions with whom we share a commitment to provide secure, convenient, and accessible financial services to customers.

Life At EQL

An environment to learn, collaborate and grow, we provide our employees an opportunity to build the solutions of tomorrow and become leaders of change.